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Do we always follow the rule in our lives? If not, then why with wallpapers? Decorating with distinctive wallpaper designs is a terrific way to show off your personality while also making your living environment unique to you. Any wallpaper manufacturer, wallpaper distributor and wallpaper wholesaler will provide you with ideas for becoming unique in your decoration when it comes to wallpapers. If you’re tired of staring at the same boring walls or if this is the same wallpaper you’ve had up for years, wallpaper suppliers in Gurgaon may provide you with one-of-a-kind wallpapers that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Wallpaper retailers in Gurgaon like the Kingdom of Wallpapers have a variety of alternatives to ensure that everyone may find something that suits their needs.

Right placement of unique wallpaper

The answer is simple, install even the most unique wallpapers anyplace in your house. Many wallpaper manufacturers in India believe that there is no such thing as overdoing it with bold wallpapers. If you don’t want to go all out, a nice area to add unusual wallpaper is in an entrance hall or a living room side-wall. This is because it gives a nice initial impression of your property. Another wonderful area to put wallpaper for walls in a downstairs bathroom is because you aren’t making as large of a commitment as you would if you put it in your living room. You could also use one of these wallpapers as a feature wall, or even simply on particular areas of a wall!

What’s in trend in 2022?

Many wallpaper dealers believe that wallpapers are back in vogue, but in my opinion, it is an interior design trend that never went out of style! Wallpaper design trends come and go, but with so many lovely wallpapers for walls options these days, I thought it could be useful to limit it down to the greatest ones. Hopefully, this piece has helped to explain why the interior design community likes wallpaper so much. Wallpaper is one of my favourite design components to utilise in a space; it’s a fantastic choice.


To begin with, wallpaper may give a lot of “bang for your buck” in terms of transforming the aesthetic of a place. It’s also a lot of fun to envision a whole space covered totally with pattern or texture. Wallpaper may be highly flexible no matter what your home décor style is. Wallpaper may be a simple method to bring texture into your interior design. It’s also an excellent method to generate a “wow factor” in a tiny location, such as a closet. This is one of my favourite ways to incorporate wallpaper into the decor.



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