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Stone Protection

Wallart Pvt Ltd. is a delhi based enterprise specialised in Durable Surface Treatment, Sealant Application and Protective Coatings & is source of material for water Repellent Silicon Coating And Sealant application specialist for building institutes and campuses. Refineries, Highways, heritage, Buildings, institutions, Monuments, Hotels, Hospitals, Industry. Have worked with leading engineers and architects of Government and private sectors leading to a range of satisfied repeat customers and have access to the latest proven techniques and materials which meetsupmost parameters as per the international performance standard of construction industry. Wallart Supplies Silane Siloxane water repellent material’sfrom and undertakes facade restoration cleaning and silicon treatment. We aer also painting with specialist coating like polysil Oxane, Anti-stain, Anti Graffity.

We undertake supplies of Pond Linert-Xavan of Dupont. Xavan consists of Geo textile with Elvaloy Resin System of DuPont( Facade clean-up & preservation sand stone and concrete cleaning inported chemical products. Klenztone Facade cleaning and specialist products). We have a ready stock of Oil repellents and Stain Resistance Treatmant for Stone.

Product Guide

  • Silane Siloxane based water repellent treatment in water and solvent base.

  • Surface Treatment, Concrete Tiles and Admix to reduce and eliminate white spots of efflorescence, Sand Stone,Exposed Brick work, Ceramic Tiles, Water Proofing Additive Clay Roof Tiles, Clay Pots For plants and Clay Bricks..

  • Non Stain Silicon Sealants for water proof seal that is dirt free and stain free Granite, Marble, Sand Stone, Wood, Glass Facade and Aluminium Composite Pannels to greatly reduce the oil run down which gives dirty appearance to aluminium and glass buildings.

  • Anti Stain penetrating sealers oil repellents and additives to paint, Grout. For marble granite sand stone and grout between tiles. Also useful for concrete tiles industry.

Impregnating sealers and sealant specialists for new projects nd maintenance with specialist materials–

SUPPLY: We supply in bulk F-3 Stain Guard impregnating treatment from ready stock.

APPLICATION : For water, Oil repellants and providing a stain resistant easy to clean surface of building materials. Oil repellant stain resistant penetrating treatments and paint additives.

Marble granite sandstone brick concrete tiles pavers.
Leather non wovens
Intreior and exterior application.

Resists stainings from paan…(Tobacco) Splitting.

Untreated surface Circled on the lfit gets stained within minutes where as treated surface ramains stain free for hours under oil and water and common stains are easy to clean reducing cleaning budgets and effort also increasing durability and slip resistance as growth of mould fungus and mildew is prevented.

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