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Stone Protection

Product Description

Solvent- free siloxane/alkylalkoxysilane emulsion in water.

Technical Data

   Active substance Content  approx. 60% w/w
   (DIN 51757, at 20 Degree C)
 approx. 0.98 g/ml
   PH Value (AIMSI BO5)  8-10

Application and Properties

Baysilone Impregnating Emulsion WA is suitable as a water- thinnable impregnating agent for masonry.The Product is characterised by its good penetration into absorbent mineral building material. Its content of higher alkylated raw material allows to apply it on alkaline building materials. It can be used for the water repellent treatment of the following substrates:

  • Concrete

  • Fibrous Cement Products

  • Calcium silicate brick

  • Plaster

  • Brick

It is also good suitable as an aqueous deeply penetrating primer for coatings like emulsion- and silicon resin paints and synthetic resin plasters.

  1   Parts/vol.   Emulsion WA
  7-10   Parts/vol.   Tap Water

Experience has shown that tap water can be used in formulations. The water hardness should not exceed 20 degree DH (German hardness).
In Case of longer storage of the dilutions careful handling and cleanliness has to be provided already for the preparation of the dilutions. Containers, Pipes and pumps have to be checked.
Depending local water conditions an analysis regarding the relevent germ concentration has to be foreseen.
A sufficient cask/bundle conservation is necessary(Eg. addition of 0,1 % Preventol D2 or Bodoxin AB)calculated on the total weight of the dilution).No labeling is required in saccordance with EEC directives. Casks should be kept closed.
Standard Processes for the water repellent treatment of masonry can be used. Before application on large surfaces trials should be carried out to determine the optimum active substance concentration. Contact with Solvent -brone impregnating agents, EG. residues in formulation/ application equipment or with tin compounds, must be avioded.


Correctly stored in its original unopened container at 25 degree C, WA has a shelf life of 720 days from hte date of manufacturing.
Please also use- before/ expiry date on product Label and certificate.
Th Product must be protected against frost and heat. Storage at temperature below 5 degree C and 40 degree C should be avoided.
Ready-to-use formulations will remains stable and suitable for application for more than 6 months. If they are stored cver a longer period, hte formulated nmay separate and should be homogenised by stirring before application.


1000 kg Container, 180 kg and 50 kg Drums.
Further imformation on product safety and handling is given in the Safety Data Sheet.

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