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Stone Cleaner for Cleaning the Stone


This is the most active formula of KLENZTONE, and it is designed for use on the hardest to clean types of masonry surfaces.
Besides restoring appearance to building exterior, KLENZTONE #1 also cleans concrete drives, walkways and curbs, making them look like new, and nothing cleans grease.

Easy to Use

KLENZTONE #1 comes ready to use, and surfaces are not prewetted. All you do is apply it, give it time to work and rinse with water. KLENZTONE does the work cleaning, and because any formula of it can dry on the surface
KLENZTONE #1 is recommented for cleaning without harm, there is no hurry rinsing it off.

Patch Test

Before using KLENZTONE, on the surfaces that KLENZTONE #1 is recommended to clean, you must do a patch test. This determines its suitability and the proper formulation to use. Start with the recommended formula first, it almost always works best. Then , if necessary, work downward toward KLENZTONE #1. If you don’t know the recommended formula, str


Test KLENZTONE by pouring some into a plastic dish and applying a small amount to an inconspicuous area with a paintbrush. The cleaner begins working immediately, but because it requires time to clean, it is important not to rinse too soon.
Depending on how dirty the surface is, KLENZTONE may only require a couple of minute to work, but on the difficult to clean surfaces, KLENZTONE # 1 is recommended for using, best results are usually achieved in 30 minutes to an hour.

After allowing sufficient time for KLENZTONE to work, rinse with water, and allow the test area to dry. If the surface appears satisfactorily clean, use that formulation for the cleaning operation. Otherwise, repeat the test, leaving the chemical on longer or, possibly, using the next lower formulatation no.


If no result whatsoever occurs, then some type of varnish or sealer is present, preventing KLENZTONE from working. In this instance, strip the surface, using K & E Remover or another quality paint stipper, and then repeat the patch test.

Technical Data

Appearance/ older cloudy appearing solution with slight, sharp odor


Available in cases of 4*1 gal. plastic bottles, 5 gal plastic pails and 55 gal. plastic drums.

Temperature Range

Becomes less effective as temperature get colder. Is unsuitable to use below 50 F.


150 to 250 sq. ft/gal. can be expected, depending on the porosity and condition of the surface.

Storage/Shelf life

Keep containers sealed when not in use,and to prevent the salts from crystallzing, maintan product at a minimum temperature of 50 degree F. Though its appearance darkens over time, the material will keep as long as it is not allowed to crystallize.


Adjacent areas must be properly protected when using this product. Though harmless to most building surfaces. the damage
causes to glass, soft metal and ceramic finishes (like those on the and porcertain) is considered permanent. Cover all nearby windows and aluminium with K & E chemical”s peel Clean Plastic Strippable coating or thick plastic sheeting and plastic tape, and if unsure, whether KLENZTONE causes damage , test surfaces first or simply cover them. Also, Protect vegetation. KLENZTONE turns foliage brown on contact, and if drawn up through plants” roots, It dehydrates and can kill them. Cover plants with plastic sheeting to keep concentreted KLENZTONE ‘ off foliage, and protect roots by either contained the rinse or trenching it away.


1)Brush, roll or spray KLENZTONE on to a dry surface, thoroughly wetting it.
2) Allow KLENZTONE time to work, leaving it on at least as long as your patch test.
3) Rinse the loosned grime from the surface using water. This can be done in a manner of different ways. However, on the very dirty exterior surfaces KLENZTONE # 1 is used to clean, a presure washer is usually the easiest, most convenient way to do the work.

Spraying on KLENZTONE

spraying is a perfectly good way of applying KLENZTONE. However, It must be done in a wet, soaking fashion, taking care to avoid wind drift. A pump up sprayer or low pressure electric prep pump(50 to 60 psi), outfitted with a saturation nozzle( fanshaped spray) works best for this operation. Do not run KLENZTONE downstream through prassure washer, because this dilutes it nor by applying it with a low- prassure airless sprayer, because they atomize solutions.


A power-painting roller can be an ideal way to apply KLENZTONE on walks, driveways, patios, plazas or other large flat areas. Units, fitted with large commercial size rollers and mounted on extension handles, allow users to rapidly apply material while completly eliminating overspray.

Time sensitive Surfaces

Time sensitive Surfaces are surfaces that KLENZTONE cleans, but it can affect their appearance, ( See product sheet for KLENZTONE # 4). Keep concentreted off nearby ceramic tile and rick, and immediately rinse off any diluted chemical that contacts them.


Though KLENZTONE cleans virtually anything, which affects the appearance of stone & brick,
It is not designed to remove graffiti or strip paint, nor does it remove hardened crusts and some types of staining which occurs on masonry.


Wear rubber gloves and safety goggles, when handing KLENZTONE , and ventilate enclosed areas. If KLENZTONE gets on skin or into eyes, rinse immediatly with water. See material safety data sheet for more detailed hazard evaluation and safety information.

Environmentally Safe

KLENZTONE is readily biodegradable and realease no V.O.C.s. When used properly, it poses no thret to the enviroment. Dispose of all wastes safely according to federal, state and local regulations.

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