wallart pvt ltd
singapore/japan/skk, italy/uae mass paint, gold and silver laefing

Professional Painting Service

We recognize the value of time in business. Therefore, our project heads would ensure that the work completes within the scheduled time. We hire highly efficient technicians who deliver the best professional painting services. Before we begin your project, our consultants would help you choose the right selection of wall art. While the project is in progress, we are open to your feedbacks as well, in case you want to make any last minute changes. After the project completes, we provide one year after sale warranty on our services and applications.

Walls create the ambience of a closed space. As you are the owner of this space, the wall must tell your story. This gives our residential services the uniqueness of being the most personalized provider. We strongly believe that walls are creative spaces which are more than mere paints on a concrete surface. Acting upon this strong conviction, we have been creating special ambiences for residential projects all over the country. Our client list also includes commercial services that are semi-residential in nature. Our portfolio includes hotels, villas, farmhouses, and township apartments.

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