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Marmorino from uae mass paint Marmorino from uae mass paint Marmorino from uae mass paint

The Marmorino Effect surface is smooth with a matte sheen and cloudy variation of values.

Marmorino is a term used to distinguish a traditional Italian plaster formula comprised of lime and fine marble dust.Materials with other additivesr

, like silica sand,Do not meet the Italian requirements for Marmorino. By using this traditional formulation or by using other fine grained lime based materials with sand additives a Marmorino Effect can be achieved.

For about 10 years, industries were also interested in it which was only produced by artisans. Today, however,ready-to-use marmorino can be found, often with glue added to allow it to be applied on non-traditional surfaces such as drywall

Marmorino roma from uae mass paint Marmorino portofino from uae mass paint Marmorino padova from uae mass paint




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