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Home Painting Tips/Ideas

Wall art is here to provide you the 10 simple tips to make your painting project go smooth and faster providing you with a well, good looking interior / exterior walls:

Tips 1: In order to avoid the lap marks try to roll the full wall.

Tips 2: Mix all the cans in the big bucket in order to make the paint consistent for all the walls.

Tips 3: In order to make the edges perfect, keep the paint to dry first then only make the edges perfect.

Tips 4: Try to paint the trim first then go for the walls and the ceiling area.

Tips 5: Clean the dirty surface properly so that the paint can show its actual colour.

Tips 6: In order to clean the paint wall once it get dry, make use of cotton cloth rather than using plastic or any other hard material.

Tips 7: Feather out paint where you can’t keep a wet edge.

Tips 8: Sand trim between coats for an ultra-smooth finish.

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