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Effects of Colors on Human Body

The Effects Of Colour On The Human Metabolism

The development of studies about the relation between colours and human brought to the creation of healing methods based on the colours and their ability to interact with our phychological state and our immune system. The choice of the colour becomes something more than just aesthetic. According to chromo therapy the colours, When used in the proper way, can help to harmonise our energetic level.

Besides the possibility to obtain by the tinting system any colour whatsoever, the products of the interior Acrylic Paint are available in the shades of: Interior & exterior colour charts..

The Colour Acts In The Human Body

Light and colour influence the metabolism, the accumulation of calcium, growth, and mood.

The vision process does not only interest the eye; the photo-chemical processes involving the cells of the retina corrispond to others taking place in the liver, where particular enzymes and vitamins contributes to the reconstruction of photo- receptors. Along the way between the retina and the cortex, located in the brain, some impulses of the optical signal also reach out to the hypothalamus, which regulates many metabolic functions(appetite, sleep etc..).

The hypothalamus influences both the hypohysis and the pineal body, two glands producing hormones that stimulate several metabolic functions…

Reaction of Warm And Cool Colours

Activation of




Wakefulness facilitates Sleep induces Wakefulness
Activity Relaxation Excitement
Secretions Increase Decrease
Sweat Glands Dry Skin Wet Skin
Blood Pressure Decrease Increase
Heart Activity Decrease Increase
Breathing Frequency Reduction Increase
Bronchus Contraction Relaxation
Adrenal Gland Less Adrenalin More Adrenalin
Gastric Activity Stimulated Slowed

Messages And Effects Of The Colors.

Colours Meaning Mental Effects Emotional Effects Helps Against Message Ideal Environment
Pink Sweetness For people who have an agressive Mentality To calm Emotions Pessimism Feminility Bedrooms
Magenta Liberation For those who want to change their way of thinking. To Free oneself from negativity oppression Eccentric Lobbies and Conference rooms
Red Energy To entice Participation For those who lack motivation Tiredness Danger Bar, Night Clubs
Orange Joy For those who are mentally lazy For those Who are Sad Unhappiness Happiness Dining and Ball Rooms, Studies and Offices
Yellow Seperation For those who are easily influenced by others For those who are engrossed in a situation Restraints Visibility, Attention Stairwells, Offices
Green Balance For those who have exaggerated thoughts For those who are insecure Irregularity Continuity, Self- Assurednes, Nature Technical studios and Operation Centers
Turquoise Immunit For those Who are Dominated By Fixed Ideas For those who are weak or vulnerable Isufference Hygiene Bathrooms, Kitchens and Sports Centers
Sky- Blue Space, Vastness For those who want to ” Keep their Distance” To Let go their Emotions Routine Space, Freedom Bedrooms, Offices, Corridors and Stairwells
Blue Relaxation for those who have problems in concentrating themselves For those who live in conflict with themselves Haste Autority Conference centres, Cinema, High Class buildings
Voilet Dignity For those who lack self esteem for those who want to stimulate self criticism Indifference Sentimentality Cultural centers and places for meditation and relax
White Putiry for those who have their mind occupied To free oneself of negative emotions Heaviness Sentimentality Kitchen, Corridors, Dark areas, rooms that are overfurnished

Effects of colours Colours


It is the colour of energy, of vitality, power and passion. It is able to warm up cool areas and, consequently, to reduce pain. Red hepls to solve blood circulation problums and blood disoders. It is an ally for those who suffer from depression. It is not indicated for persons with high blood pressure and problums of anxiety. The prolonged exposure to a red ray increase aggressiveness.


Energetic colour, It is used to enhance immune defences, to improve sexual performance, to improve digestion and to solve spleen problums. Orange has a warming effect and should nat be used for too long time.



The colour of mind, it is used to stimulate the intelligence because it helps concentration. It is ideal to make up ones mind. It has also a positive effect on the skin: heals dermatitis and other disorders. An excessive use can lead to depression.


It is the colour of harmony and balance. It has a good effect on fatigued nerves and on the heart: It helps to balance emotions. Furthermore, stimulates growth, enhances the recovery from bone fractures and to reconstruct tissues. Ideal for pregnant, Women as it leads to peacefulness. Too much green accumulates negative energy.


It is the colour of truth, peacefullness and harmony. It is useful for freshening up an environment, calming down, reconstruct and protect. Blue is also useful in case of high fever an bleeding. Too much blue can bring depression.


Among the blue tones, this is the one which has the bast effcts on our health.

It is able to unravel the thoughts of a congested mind, leading to self awareness. It is used to heal hearing, olfactory and sight problums. It is effective against sinusitis. Indigo has a purifying and astringent effect. Excessive exposure can give headache.


hHelps to reach your spiritual being. It is used for problums of the nervous system, but it has also a good effect on rheumatism. Fights pain, acts deeply in the tissues and it is used for bones dysfuctions.


It is the colour of harmony and relaxation, especially for mental balance. It is recommended as calming and to help sleep. It is the colour of reconstruction, almost a tonic for the body and mind.


It is the colour of purity and helps to reach a state of peace. It is the biggest help against pain.


It is the most powerful colour againest sickness, so strong that is intoleration in many case. Gold reinforces body and mind at every level.


It is the colour of peace and perseverance. It is used for cancerous tissues.


It is used rarely, but it can help to reach inner peace and gives a feeling of strength.

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