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Stone Cut Finish

ARDESIA by Italian Paint is a decorative solution with a Low Environmental Impact that reproduces the texture and colour of slate. This material boasts the texture and feel that is continually sought after by interior designers due to its ability to bring quality.

ARDESIA made up of a base, a finish and, if necessary, a protective element that increases its washability and abrasion resistance features. The base, spread with an appropriate pad, creates the typical texture of slate while the finish.

It is applied with a brush, gives it the dark grey colour that is typical of natural stone. The finish may be metal, micaceous or pearl effect, enhancing the wall covering further. Ardesia is highly abrasion resistant and breathable.
ARDESIA Antracite Italian Paint ardesia dorata Italian Paint ardesia grigia Italian Paint

Stone Cut Finish 1

Stone Cut Finish 2

Stone Cut Finish 3

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