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Antique Effect

Antico Ferro Antico Ferro Ruggine finish Antico Ferro for interior decorative
Antico Ferro is a decorative solution for interiors that allows you to give your walls the charming aesthetic effects of seasoned iron. The corten, Battuto, Ruggine and Ossidato finishes reproduce a significant number of the effects that are to be found in nature, without affecting nature itself. In the Antico Ferro Ruggine finish, the colours are applied onto an uneven decorative base, typical of iron seasonal by nature acting on it.
Antico Ferro Ossidato adds a further colour variant to the iron, which in this finish appears to be treated with innovative oxidising processes.
As a material used in interior decorative, iron today has an innovative part to play in designs for interior that are very different in styles. it offers a wide range of aesthetic to spaces to give them connotations of originality, style and exclusiveness, being the result of unique processes carried out by time and by man.
decorative solution for interiors corten, Battuto, Ruggine and Ossidato finishes Antico Ferro Ossidato

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