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About Wall Art

WALL ART Pvt. Ltd. Is a professional painting firm. We are devoted to take care of paint requirements of your home, Villas, Penthouses, Hotels, Malls, Hospitals & Restaurants.

We provide complete paint solutions for all types of Residential, Commercial & Hospitality projects all across India.


Our vision is to be the provider of wall art for residential and commercial establishments. We see walls as blank canvases ready for decoration and creating a powerful impact to the viewer. It is a trend that is still beginning to gain momentum in the Indian market, and we are at the forefront of creating customized walls. From wallpapers to 3D special effects on walls, our services encompass all aspects of creating astounding setups through transformation of the appearances of the walls. We have been in this business for more than 10 years now, serving valued clientele all over the country. Although our primary base is in New Delhi, yet we have been able to establish regional offices all over the country. Although we mainly focus on serving business establishments, yet we are open for residential assignments as well.


We maintain an inventory of highest rated international brands for redesigning the appearance of your walls. To put it in numbers, we maintain an inventory of around 14,000 wall designs to choose from! We understand that choosing the appropriate design can be confusing. That is the reason we look forward to the calls from your end. As soon as you get in touch, our experienced consultants would make several enquiries to select the right design for your walls. After all, the walls of a hotel lobby and the walls of a corporate boardroom are different! We work on the belief that each space has a unique story to tell. It is our responsibility to bring out the story through transforming the walls. We have the ability to handle up to 20 projects simultaneously. In our diverse experience, we have provided exemplary services to over thousand projects all over the country.

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